Written by Savannah Finch (Susan’s daughter)

From an early age, I formed an opinion on GoDaddy. And it wasn’t a favorable opinion for a 10-year-old to have of a hosting company. I knew GoDaddy as “the reason my mom can’t listen to the story of my bus ride home.” Weekly, at least, I’d walk through the front door after a long day of fourth grade and hear the same hold music blaring through the speaker phone as my mom bounced her leg angrily at her desk. Bursting through the door, I’d start on some tangent about someone breaking the wall-ball rules in P.E., just to be greeted with “Savannah, I am on hold, I’m sorry I’ll hear all about it later.” Curse you GoDaddy, I’ve been cooped up in a classroom for hours and I want my mom’s attention. And when someone finally picked up the phone, you could tell no solutions were found in that phone call. The rest of the day my mother would be mumbling to herself about their awful customer service and even worse hold music. This went on for years; the same routine of endless elevator music and limited help was offered once she was finally connected. This started happening around 2017 as they kept growing.  No 10-year-old should have an opinion on website hosting companies, but GoDaddy made quite the impression on that fourth grader.

Nearly 11 years later, I can happily say that I haven’t heard that hold music in a while. Maybe it’s because I moved out, or maybe it’s because we don’t have to deal with GoDaddy nearly as much. We’ve been switching hosting clients, especially for WordPress to a newer company. Enter, Rocket.Net; our “hosting hero.” With great customer service and easy-to-navigate solutions, there’s no more elevator music and grumbling when you hang up the phone. Specializing in WordPress hosting and including enterprise-level of Cloudflare services, Rocket makes it easy to manage and promote your business, while keeping it extra secure. My mom is never frustrated when dealing with their customer service and the chats are escalated immediately and all issues resolved.

She’s still a Godaddy reseller. They do domains GREAT! But for WordPress hosting, after trying several options over the years, she feels like she’s found her perfect partner and a great partner for our clients of both Susan Finch Solutions and Funnel Media Group.

In the age of work-from-home, don’t let your kids go to sleep with hours of hold music stuck in their heads. Find the hosting company that makes your job easier, not harder. Less time spent on hold is more time spent making money, or listening to your kids’ ridiculous tales of the fourth-grade cafeteria.