If you’re lucky enough, you have at least one teacher in your life who makes an everlasting impact. Me, I can think of more than half a dozen teachers whose wisdom, tough love, and determination made me who I am today. But as I spend every day doing a job I love where I get to write all day, I think back to the teacher who taught me how to write about anything. I encourage you to find that teacher who helped you write your first essay and send them a thank you note. Here’s mine:

Dear Mr. Ferris,

While I may have been your most stubborn and opinionated student, you never gave up on teaching me skills I’d need for life. Learning how to properly form a sentence and write a five paragraph essay in under an hour are two things that I recall daily. Not only did you help me get into colleges I dreamed of, but you also gave me a career. Thank you for taking the time to explain every mistake I made, and teach me to be a better writer.

With gratitude,

Savannah Finch

Take ten minutes out of your day today and thank an educator who made a difference in your adult life.

Photo by George Dolgikh @ Giftpundits.com: https://www.pexels.com/photo/thank-you-signage-2072165/