If you are having difficulty loading your site or working in the admin, there may be a few reasons. If you are having difficulty loading other sites, or logging in to your accounts, you may have locked it down a bit too much for functionality. This is a problem as we are beginning to have a strong desire to stop giving away our data, our activity, and our habits. All of our helpful devices learn as they go, including: our phones, Alexa devices, and web browsers. It’s eerie that I can have a conversation in the room, and then my browsers suggest items based on those conversations. No, I am not paranoid, we have tested it at home. Sometimes, I will see something or read something that triggers a curiosity that I decide to dig deeper and it may that will end up being quite strange or sometimes disturbing. Enter Duck-Duck-Go. It is a lovely concept, and I use it frequently when I am looking up odd curiosities that I do not want to play out in targeted ads for the next 28 days. I have added it to my Chrome browser. I also have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to be able to mask my location for added privacy. This comes in handy when I travel and have to use public wi-fi. I can protect my computer, my data, and my clients’ information. This too can hinder performance because some servers view this type of connection as questionable.

Let’s back up a bit about Chrome. Chrome has so many mini updates, and some have more effect on websites than others. I do notice that my WordPress site admins become clunky with certain updates. All I need to do is switch to Mozilla, and all is well and fast again. Then, Chrome settles down, adjusts, and is back to its speedy self. When we add tools to block ads, scripts, and tracking; such as Duck-Duck-Go, Ghostery, and some of the others, it can stymie website function, especially on sites that require a login. We don’t always realize it until we have tried to login for the fourth time and then are locked out of our personal accounts. Sometimes, we forget all of the tools that we have added. Then the tools can stack up and fight with each other, and that’s before you even try to load a website. Very frustrating situation, indeed!

If you are noticing issues on your own website and in the site admin, try another browser, such as Mozilla’s Firefox, to see if that may be the issue. If you have attached add-ons to your browsers (such as Ghostery and/or Duck-Duck-Go) turn them off, then try again. Sometimes,  that is where the issue can be found. If you have more than one Google login, you can save perhaps your personal account, your name@gmail.com, to be strictly for private browsing by adding on all the blockers. As for work accounts, perhaps leave it simpler with fewer add-ons that may conflict with the site’s functionality.

Let us now think about your healthcare and banking websites. They have so many levels of security in place that blocking all trackers and verifiers may lock you out. Sometimes, they only test using certain browsers, operating systems, and devices, so they become outdated. Then, there is Facebook. Since I’m not a huge fan of hanging out there, I accept that it will take longer to load because I view it through the browser with all the blockers.

Those of us with smartphones and convenient devices like Alexa and her sisters, are already giving away a ton of data and information. We know this. It is talked about and written about just about everywhere. It is the price we pay for those conveniences. If you want to thin it out, remember what you are experimenting with, in the event you have to undo something, delete an add-on, app, or permit something. I respect your desire to lock out prying digital eyes, but if it affects your ability to perform your job, find the information you need etc., you may need to curb those efforts or head to your local library.

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