Communication skills are invaluable yet often overlooked. In this episode, Susan sits down with Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc. He’s an established podcaster and marketing leader. They discuss practical ways we can become better communicators by creating and sharing our stories. They explore how opening up builds connection and trust—when we lead with vulnerability, we grant others permission to do the same. The resulting environment fosters mutual understanding between all personality types, whether analytic experts or creative collaborators. Matt and Susan examine how to reframe experiences from our past into bite-sized stories that offer wisdom. Gathering these over time not only boosts our own confidence but allows us to celebrate shared experiences with others. The ability to craft compelling stories makes communicating easier and more effective. This speaks volumes to HR facilitating healthier office cultures. Ultimately, honing our storytelling skills allows us to bridge divides and bond teams together. Tune into this insightful episode to gain tangible tools for improving how you communicate through personal stories.



A quote from Matt that speaks volumes about him:

“The definition of good work isn’t more work. It isn’t defined by doing the most work. The definition of work is about impactful work – for the work itself as well as what it enables for you and those you care about, as well as the broader communities in which we live and engage.”

Matt Heinz