Have you ever volunteered your time to lead a professional organization or community group, only to face a tangled transition handing everything over to your successor? Between forgotten passwords, outdated contact lists, and confusing file permissions, it’s enough digital chaos to make you want to resign on the spot!

Well, take a deep breath and lean in. In this episode, we’ll untangle the mystery of smooth leadership transitions when it comes to your online assets. With empathy, humor, and hard-won experience, I’ll share practical tips to make passing the digital torch simple and stress-free. You’ll learn how to clean your organization’s digital house, tighten permissions, and set up role-based access so you can seamlessly log out and let capable new hands log in. Consider this your guide to gracefully logging off so your organization can thrive far into the future. Now, let’s get you transitioned out of that role without any fuss or digital dust!



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