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New Twitter graphic requirements – seeming familiar – YouTube -esque

Twitter has just gone through a MAJOR change in layout. In order to keep your branding consistent and looking good, I’m highly recommending you allow me to update the look to fit the new graphics requirements. Click the image below to see the dimensions more clearly.   Profile & Cover Image: 1500 x 500 and …

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When a key person steps down, who will pick up the ball?

With Pope Benedict II’s announcement that he’s “retiring” later this month, it made me think about how much pressure that puts on the rest of his team to find a replacement, fill in obligations with a yet-to-be-named person, rewrite documents, update website bios, replace managers of twitter accounts, and iTunes’ channels. The Catholic Church has …

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Who is the real online personality of your company?

Recommended Video Barbara Corcoran's 8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs She is one of my all-time favorite speakers. Reading a terrific article by Hollis Thomases of Web Ad.vantage and giggling a bit because it is so obvious this is the trend: hire 18-23 year olds to put the social media face on your company out to the …

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SmileCare: 56 Facebook pages for 56 locations SoMe BLITZ!

Sc-smilecare-fblocation SmileCare Family Dentistry has been a client for several years.  We just came off a highly successful dental symposium and moved into a social media blitz with Facebook.  We've had location pages/profiles on their main website, including which dentists are at which office.  Those are updated each month, inculding specialties.

Since a very high percentage of their patients and potential patients use Facebook heavily, we decided to expand their presence from one page to 58 pages – one for each location, their main page and a careers page to pull in current opportunities.

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WEO Connect and Grow SoMe Panel Wildly Successful

Last night a group of around 100 people gathered at Madison's Bar and Grill's meeting space to learn more about the overwhelming topic of SoMe – that's Social Media to most people.  Everyone was eager to learn how to grow their businesses through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  There were a lot of fears tackled, misconceptions tossed out the window and eyes opened wide.  We also heard many "aha" moments at the various panel discussions after the overview presentation by Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Design and founder of

DSC02901 Thank you to WEO for inviting me to be the panel leader for blogging.  The four presenters didn't have connectivity – password issues with Madison's network, so we all had our laptops open as props. It worked out better for me.  Our table engaged in a lively discussion firing back questions and answers about the purpose of blogging and how to use it to save time and increase business.

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Social Media for Business – the Basic Four Explained.

With so many social media venues and methods, it can be daunting to first – understand what each one does and the main purpose, and second – how it can help your business. Some of the key elements are time-saving methods for business networking. They help establish you as an expert in your field and rewards your sweat and clicking with better search engines results — provided you are posting valuable content.

I'm dating myself here, but remember the days of having to go to the local photo reproduction house – not Costso – the really good ones to have transparencies made of your portfolio and then buy the holders and folders to package it professionally?  What about elaborately printed press kits; in addition to the unique papers, presentation folders, attention-getting trinkets, the postage had to be factored into the budget.

Social media has leveled the playing field for all talent, regardless of budget, provided you are willing to spend the time, write well, and have a good message.  These efforts are rewarded in true search engine results.  Let's focus on the top four social media sites that will cover the bulk of your needs to get the word out about your product or service: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They each have a unique place for your online followers, potential customers and existing customers. 

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