Those of you with websites and links to contact: link to a FORM, not just an email.

If they are on your site, don’t distract them by sending them to their email service to contact you. They will get distracted. AND on phones, it means opening a different app. Just give them a simple form that SAVES to a database and emails at least one person. As a user, nothing is more annoying than being taken through extra hoops to complete a simple task. We are in the “I want it now” era so don’t waste their time or yours. Keep tabs on follow up. We like our options… If you send an EMAIL to someone, give them BOTH options : click to go to your site to schedule something AND a linked email for the call to action – something other than reply. They all know how to do that.

AND if they reply, make sure it’s an email that is checked and can receive email – not a “do not reply” address. TEST IT. Does it make sense to you?