Here’s an idea to tuck away seasonal content. In this article about advertising promotional products, some of the items in a heavily visited page are very seasonal.

Here’s how you do it in the TEXT or CODE/HTML view – add a “comment” around what you want to hide for now and show later:

<!– is the beginning of the part you want to hide.

–> is how you end the part you are hiding. You may have to do this a couple of times in the same area because there are already comments in there that you still need.

When you want to bring it back – remove the <!– and some note you wrote to yourself: *Bring this back in Sept…. and remember to remove the –> – or you can simply move those items around the next part you want to hide for now.

<!– *BRING THIS BACK IN SEPTEMBER EACH YEAR – SF Styles include Wallet, Appointment, Year-At-A-Glance, Desk, Magnetic, Wall, Pocket and Custom. <a href=””>Real Estate</a>&nbsp;Magnetic Peel Off Calendar,<a href=””>Magnetic Business Card Calendars</a>, Jumbo Magnetic Calendar 4 x 6, Full Color Wallet Card – Calendar.&nbsp;I also like the cube designs and doodle pad types. I’m forever scribbling on calendars while on hold. One of our newer designs is a&nbsp;<a href=””>calendar strip</a>. It’s&nbsp;designed to fit LCD monitors with a bezel as thin as 3/4″.–>