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Measure Twice, Cut Once works in business, too.

My husband has been rebuilding our garage shelving. You could store dead bodies on them. He likes to build things one time and not have to back to fix shoddy work. With the 105 temperatures he was a bit lax on the regular, measure twice - cut once rule. I'm working with a few clients on new designs and launches of large projects. I'm finding the same rule applies to creative projects. I'd rather have my clients sit with a design for a week and really think about what should change and their needs, modifications, etc. rather than jump on their first reactions, and then redo it several times. Many times we end back to a similar place where we started and sometimes we scrap it and start over.

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Trust me, I work for @hotmail

Tell me what you think about this Master Gardner now? Would you be happy paying him at his "Master Gardner" rate or does his email scream, "AMATEUR"? Joe has the education, the truck, the team, but lacks the branding and great first impression. Now many folks are independent contractors. You work for companies and then move on to the next project. Perhaps you don't want to use the company email for most of your freelance or "on-the-side" endeavors, but you want to still encourage people to hire you and trust you.

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