Long Tail Revenue – Catch Them in the Afterglow of the Moment and How to Make the Most of It!

After you close the deal on a house for a client, be there for the moment when you hand them the keys while it’s fresh and the emotion is sincere and spontaneous. Make it a priority to be at the office while they get their keys.
Testimonial Tools:
  1. Get their permission respectfully. No one wants to feel used in the process of building your client base. Tell them how YOU felt helping them complete the transaction. What was so special about this specific interaction?
  2. Get their permission in writing and tell them how you’ll use it. People innately feel important when they do trivial niceties for someone who has benefited them.
After you’ve received that notification of a glowing recommendation on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp and the like… reach out to that client immediately. Thank them and thank them publicly. At that point, it is appropriate to ask them if they’d be willing to give you an audio or video testimonial. Aim for video as it is ALWAYS better for audio extracting purposes (it is able to mix with a loop of recordings and more).
When you have your hands on a written compliment or testimonial, create a branded graphic with it to make it look special. You can send them that as a thank you with a link to where it will appear. As for books, printed OR digital, receiving a review that you are using in the book, SEND THEM A COMPLIMENTARY COPY with the graphic and tell them which page it appears on – even if it’s at the back, jacket cover or somewhere else. People appreciate being appreciated
As for events and workshops, the same ideas apply. An exit interview is perfect AND if it’s not as complimentary as you’d like, it’s great feedback to address. Be brave and have your interviewer ask for the positives AND where you can improve. Follow up. You will continue to build your advocate network this way and generate longtail revenue.
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