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The Double Comma Club Top Episodes Since August 2019

We are celebrating two years of the Double Comma Club, with over 100 episodes. Thank you to Nicole’s listeners. Here are the top 10 episodes. You may find some of these helpful, especially if you missed them when they were published originally. 10. What Consumers Need to Know About Appraisals Nicole’s guest, Joey Pizzi of …

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How to help tech support help you quicker.

For those of you who have to regularly or even periodically contact tech or IT support via email, there are some ways you can help them solve your issues quickly and with fewer back and forth emails.

It’s similar to walking into a restaurant hungry.  Ordering: “I’d like lunch today.” When actually you were interested in the daily vegan specials that were gluten free due to your intolerance, and you’d like a vegan beer to go with it.

Do you go into Starbucks and ever order “1 coffee” without being bombarded with at least three questions in rapid succession?

Until someone launches the “ReadMyMindApp,” we support people are stuck asking you the questions to get in your heads the old-fashioned way without assumptions.

This may seem like a lot of detail, but try this – they’ll thank you and help you quicker:

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How Fear Can Affect Your Team’s Success

Coaching or evaluating and how it affects performance.

We all want to perform well in front of those who matter to us, including our sales managers, team leaders, the president of the company, our clients, our family. But, when those who are in a position to lead or coach us slip to an evaluation mode, the effects can be detrimental to the outcome. …

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Tips for Looking More Competent in Online Meetings

Susan Finch on Asher Sales Sense

Recently I was invited to be a guest on Asher Sales Sense from ASHER STRATEGIES. This interview was hosted by Kyla O’Connell. I’m not sure who had more fun, Kyla, or me. What kind of background is best for your online meeting? Is a selfie cool for your headshot? How should you applaud a good …

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Your Complete Guide to Planning a Neighborhood Parade

Neighborhood parade sign

We live in a “Leave it to Beaver” type of neighborhood. People have lived here for over 40 years, and the next generations have taken over the parents’ homes so new families are continually moving in. We have relatively flat streets and nice, albeit bumpy, sidewalks. Perfect for a parade. I have done enough event …

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5 Must Do’s Before You Turn on the Microphone

5 must dos before you turn on the podcast microphone

Heck, these are five must do’s before you BUY a microphone! Decide WHY you are doing a podcast – the real goal. Truly, what is the goal? You have to be gut-wrenchingly honest. “It’s to stroke the ego of my client. It’s to get them off my back. It’s to increase their exposure. It’s to …

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GRI – website

Not only was I involved in the design, the template and CSS for this site, I also assisted with content and flow. The website is currently in six languages and will be in 14 with true translations, as serves clients around the world. As the book covers, this was also a collaborative design process …

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