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Analytics, tracking & HTTPS reminders

If you have recently updated your website to include an SSL certificate so your site is now https:// you need to verify a few more things so you don’t lose valuable tracking information. This previous post about an https transition covers more. Update domain to ensure that if anyone goes to your site without https:// …

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Your audience could have a disability – can they read your website?

Currently I’m taking a course offered by to get certified in creating and editing electronic documents for ADA level 2 compliance or more. After only one module completed, I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in having their materials understood by 100% of the potential audience, rather than only 75%. I’ll be writing …

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Volunteers are lovely, but…

Social Media Venues - are you there to listen?

Schools, churches, non-profits, sports teams all rely on volunteers to make the magic happen. This is good to a point, but when it comes to being the online spokesperson for your group, team, organization sometimes an “as it fits their schedule” volunteer isn’t good enough. It’s so tempting to delegate and just consider it “done” …

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Did You Steal That? Copyright and Trademark Basics

Raindrops image with quote "I don't always steal other people's pictures, but when I do I make sure I butcher the logo

You’ve seen this done before, right? A small business or company sees something online that they really like, it fits in with their brand image and audience, and they think, “I can totally use that!” So, they grab a screenshot, download it, change a couple of things like taking the logo off the original image and then put theirs on, and voilà! Share it.

Guess what? That’s theft. They’ve stolen the work of someone else and passed it off as their own. Intellectual property theft is theft.

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Important but simple tasks for website performance

important checklist for your website to help with rankings - you can do some if not all of this!

Ah, the love hate relationship with WordPress, hosting, security and efficiency. Some assumptions are made here: 1. Your website looks great and is responsive on mobile. 2. You have an SSL certificate with auto renew on all sites and subdomains. 3. You have someone keeping your plugins and themes up-to-date and reviewing them quarterly to …

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Clean home or office can change your attitude

three desktops without clutter

I work from my home office. I see my home a lot. It also means I get used to the typical messes, daily wear and tear of having a family and three furry pets. As we come into the holiday season, it’s a great time to think about spiffing up a bit more, especially if …

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Why you need an online pressroom

This episode is a continuation of a previous one, your online media kit, where we talk about the need to have the bios, photos and logos you want others to use. Your online pressroom is about credibility. When you have credibility, it adds to your authority, which adds to your trust which means more people …

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Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Event

5 ways to monetize your event

When you decide to add events as a revenue stream into your business the normal thought process is to focus on ticket sales to make money. Although this is extremely important as that is your indicator for 1) How many people are attending your event and 2) Where you need to adjust your marketing efforts …

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Check your statements for random small charges.

Banks protect you against fraudulent charges, but you need to watch THEIR random charges, too. I have a bookkeeper, this is good. But that doesn’t mean I can forget about reviewing my accounts and regular charges. I bank with Chase. They call regularly for fraud protection issues. I’m glad. BUT, for the past few months, …

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Thrive on Stress and Deadlines – The Voice of Bold Business

Thank you, Jessica Dewell for having me on to talk with Howard about stress and how much power to give it – or not at all. I hope you all enjoy this episode.
Society tends to attach the word, “thrive” to stress and deadlines. This can be a difficult idea to accomplish and may even add unnecessary pressure. The Voice of Bold Business tells us we don’t actually have to conform to this norm, at least not in the way it “should” be.
There are various ways to perceive stress and the first step is to sit down, take the time to realize our real priorities, and set the tone of each day, week, month, and ultimately, life. Each moment can throw its own setbacks… Factor in external pressures such as family obligations, work tasks that keep us on track for the next promotion, and our own personal goals and we’ve got ourselves in a rising sea of tension, anxiety and hassle.
It is so important to set aside time to actively work on emotional management and setting intentions for our own structures and routines and we cover exactly how to get you back on track in this Radio Program with Jessica Dewell, Susan Finch and Howard Strauber.
This episode will help you understand the benefits and harms of stress, how to define your real priorities, the power of letting go, time management, morning routines, how to enhance your communication skills to your benefit, how to handle the urge to give up and much much more.
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