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You can share it, but can they read it?

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Sharing helpful articles we find allows us to be a valued resource. It invites engagement on social media, builds community, takes a pulse, except when we can’t read the link that our connection’s post is attempting to open. “Subscription required to view this article.” We don’t realize how many sites we have memberships to, pubs …

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Audubon had a logo, but needed to mix it up

Audubon Realty Branding

I met David Reso in 2015 through the NRBA, another client. He already had branding but needed a few websites for various purposes, continuity in branding for most of the sites, and divisions of his company:,,, and then a different work for – nothing fancy, but distinct. We used the …

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Why you need an online pressroom

This episode is a continuation of a previous one, your online media kit, where we talk about the need to have the bios, photos and logos you want others to use. Your online pressroom is about credibility. When you have credibility, it adds to your authority, which adds to your trust which means more people …

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Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Event

5 ways to monetize your event

When you decide to add events as a revenue stream into your business the normal thought process is to focus on ticket sales to make money. Although this is extremely important as that is your indicator for 1) How many people are attending your event and 2) Where you need to adjust your marketing efforts …

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All things passwords

This PICNIC episode welcomes Joy Beland, President at Pink Hat Technology Management. Here, she will discuss: • How to create and remember a strong password? • How Password management software can store our passwords in an encrypted format for us on every device? • How to monitor whether your password have been stolen and are …

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The unexpected grabs their attention.

When we are contacting the same people, appearing at the same events, posting to the same venues, we need to shake it up – do something UNEXPECTED. This makes us memorable, relate-able and shareable. Recently a friend’s dad died. He’s been posting lessons from his dad on LinkedIn. I already have a few in my …

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