Use easy URLs to track your marketing efforts for events, books, products, campaigns.

How do you know if your marketing dollars are leading to revenue unless you can track it? Even small businesses that have one or two events a year need to be tracking how their efforts pay off. Sometimes we pay for ads in directories, sponsor events, sponsor a local team of kids, put an ad …

Read moreUse easy URLs to track your marketing efforts for events, books, products, campaigns.

Content comes before the pretty part, including images.

“The most beautifully decorated cake means nothing if when you bite into it you wince with disappointment.” One of the most difficult things I have to do with clients is to hold them back from focusing on the “pretty” part of their website before the content is developed. The design is LED by the content …

Read moreContent comes before the pretty part, including images.

Ghostery and other extensions may block the content you seek.

Tools are developed each month to help us protect our computers, our privacy, our data, our habits while surfing the web. These come in the form of browser add-ons and extensions. Chrome offers them, Firefox does and even Internet Explorer has them. We also use these add-ons and extensions for increasing our productivity. Sometimes we …

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RSS: Your content generating SUPERPOWER!

The Geekspeak Guides, Susan Finch and Yvonne Heimann, are at it again giving you ideas of how to use your own site content, content from other sites and from venues such as Youtube, Pinterest and more to populate your site, your podcasting venues such as iTunes and Stitcher. These ideas will help create that fill in content for your social media posts to give you more time to REALLY engage with people in real conversations. This episode was recently featured on Blubrry as a valuable episode.

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is your simple pipeline of information. In a nutshell, it’s a properly formatted text file created dynamically by websites such as blogs and other content management systems. They don’t all create them, but most do. There are even tools you can use to create one on your own. THIS is the file you want so you can PUSH your content and reuse it, reshape it and share it better with MANY more venues including iTunes. You may use this superpower whether you are gathering content from your website, Pinterest, podcast or other online sites and services.

This video will give you several ideas and teach you how to find your RSS feed on your own site, and where you can use it.

Did you know that PINTEREST is actually a BLOG with CATEGORIES? That means that your entire Pinterest account and individual boards can all be treated as an RSS feed.

Google offers a great FREE tool to generate a feed post, allow subscribers, manage subscribers and allow you to bring in content from other sites into your own, share your content with others with just a few lines of code and it is all DYNAMIC using RSS.

Having a feed address gives you something very specific to submit to Google on one specific topic.

Podcasts use XML/RSS feeds, as well. It’s a text file with useful fields for these various venues. For a podcast, it knows to look for the associated media file, episode art and excerpt. Depending on the podcasting service you use such as Blubrry, Podbean, Lipsyn, you’ll be given different options before they send your fabulous content off to venues such as iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more.

This 20 minute show gives you some great ideas to use your content to generate more interest, more credibility, more leads and ultimately more sales. Trust us, we know this works.

Email Marketing: Start with the Basic Questions

Let’s start with this question:
Do you COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES from people who want to learn more about your services or products?

We’ll assume you give a big, resounding YES to this question. In this show, we’ll give you further validation as to WHY this is the most effective way to communicate with your customers, potential customers and strategic partners in a group. We’ll also explain why one solution is not the best for everyone and the painful task of making a change when existing email marketing service providers don’t keep up.

We’ll also offer a few ideas of ENTICING ways to increase the chances that your email will be opened. We talked about your subject, how to NOT end up in spam, how to NOT annoy those who take the time to open the email. for subject words to AVOID! Some will challenge you to be more creative if your message actually has to do with those topics.

Here is the link for CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business

The Power of Podcasting

The WHY, HOW, WHEN and WHAT For’s of podcasting! Being able to podcast is turning into one of the best ways to re-purpose your content, so tune in if you want to learn more from the experts!

Meet Our Panel This Week!!!
+Susan Finch – +Susan Finch Solutions  Marketing, PR & Web Pro for DECADES! 
With a background in public relations and advertising since 1986, Susan is a “gentle guide for clients trying new venues online.” She engages those skills as she helps create an online presence that will appeal to existing and future clients and/or investors. All these factors are considered before she constructs a suggested plan for clients. It goes way beyond an online presence.

+Shannon Hernandez – is an on-air radio personality, podcaster, and social media/online resource. He assists small business owners optimize their marketing efforts through cloud productivity suites and increase their visibility on social media. He is also an authority on podcast generation and audio imaging production.