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Reputation Management: Yelp! Ratings Don’t Always Tell the Full Story.

Yelp filters reviews based on personal judgment

The topic: Reputation Management. How can you do it if the “tools” in place battle against your efforts to improve customer service? My level of frustration with Yelp! is huge on this topic. Did you know that the star ratings don’t tell the full story? They only tell the story their staff wants you to …

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Unsolicited companies wanting to “help you do better” – BEWARE

The contact form on my website has an additional field asking people how they know me. Sometimes I need a kick in the brain to connect the dots between your name, your question and it’s context.  This morning I received an unsolicited email through my contact form from (somehackbunny) She wanted to let me know all about marketing through Twitter and Facebook and to trust “them” and their “plan.” Yet, there was no link to “their” site, services, pricing, only her email without any branding.

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