invite-to-connectI received an email from one of my favorite companies, nambé. It was clean, simple and direct. The goal: get me to follow and like them in all social media venues. They spelled it out with a photo, an icon a few words and call to action link. Sounds obvious, but it’s not. Have you sent out an email like this to your customers or email marketing list? Why not? What if your company is on LinkedIn? Why not get more people following your company, your YouTube channel. you can do this for your top venues on social media. Talk to your marketing team. I’m doing this for a few of my clients. They have a variety of lists they can send to. We are tailoring each email like this to fit that venue and personality of the venue. 

Remember, speak the language and style of the venue and audience. Don’t hashtag the hell out your posts on Pinterest and Facebook. No need. Save that for Instagram and Twitter and even then, use them sparingly and thoughtfully.

Hey, check out nambé.Your gift list will be glad you did.