While watching Sharknado3 the other night, we were accosted by the Dorito commercial with the flying pig. The boy in the spot is unique looking, to say the least. Our children asked how they find kids like that and shouldn’t they want kids that are more “put together” looking. My husband and I both chuckled, since we both come from advertising backgrounds. The answer was NO. There is nothing memorable about a typical looking, pretty child smiling for the camera.

You tell me which of these two kids you will remember more and which image? These were not the finals, but you get the point.
Grab your audience’s attention with the unexpected. Don’t go with safe, predictable and trite. Tell more of the story before they read one word and give them no choice – they will HAVE to know the rest of the story of the photo.

What’s the story of this photo? Years ago, SmileCare was my client. They were promoting a children’s Sonicare toothbrush. We needed models for a campaign. My children were willing in order to get a new Sonicare toothbrush and my husband was a photographer. After about 20 minutes of shooting, she began to poke at him. He lost patience and interest and we ended up with some fun photos. None of these later ones were used by SmileCare, but I treasure them.