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Check your statements for random small charges.

Banks protect you against fraudulent charges, but you need to watch THEIR random charges, too. I have a bookkeeper, this is good. But that doesn’t mean I can forget about reviewing my accounts and regular charges. I bank with Chase. They call regularly for fraud protection issues. I’m glad. BUT, for the past few months, …

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All things passwords

This PICNIC episode welcomes Joy Beland, President at Pink Hat Technology Management. Here, she will discuss: • How to create and remember a strong password? • How Password management software can store our passwords in an encrypted format for us on every device? • How to monitor whether your password have been stolen and are …

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Be cautious whom you give admin rights to

Who has admin rights for your business on Google? If your mail runs through your Google Business and they have access, did you know they can set it up that all email accounts in your business can send a copy of back and forth conversations to any email address of their choosing? It’s deep in …

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3 Tips to Lock Down Google Drive Documents

We are in such a hurry to give someone access to a resource of Google Drive, Dropbox and the others, that we can compromise the security of the document, and perhaps much more. LAZY, QUICK RESOURCE SHARING: Be careful. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to give someone access to a document on Google …

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