Holly Jean Jackson is a speaker, author, and holistic coach. This means she gives you three in one – a health coach, life coach, and a business coach. In this episode, we focus on the value of relaunching your book. You put so much blood, sweat, tears, and hair-pulling into publishing a book. But what happens a few years later? Your publisher did their part, you did the signings, the promotions, and then crickets? Let’s hope not. You may even be working on your next book, but you still love your earlier works. There may be a few places that could use an update or a new version done as an audiobook. Have you done all that? Doing an audio version gives you the opportunity for updates. What about the Kindle version? Can you update that? What a great way to reopen conversations with fans, clients, and prospects. Holly and Susan talk about the need for an actual marketing plan to relaunch what you did so well the first time. There is always a new way to improve it, and some elements should be updated.

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Holly Jean Jackson is a Holistic Business Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and founder of Business Builder Throw Down. Her career spans technology to communications, organizational change, public relations, and content strategy.

She has dedicated over 12 years helping business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally, and emotionally. She’s led a Local to Global Policy Initiative to influence future leaders’ impact on communities. Fun Fact: Played in Carnegie Hall’s first chair clarinet and is a Black belt in karate.