NRBA Conference Book 2019

NRBA Conference booklet

This organization has an annual education conference. It’s more like a family reunion. They are all crazy about each other. They get fantastic speakers, the food is amazing and people look forward to this each year. I’ve worked on several of these books. This latest design was started a couple of years ago – bold, …

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GRI – website

Not only was I involved in the design, the template and CSS for this site, I also assisted with content and flow. The website is currently in six languages and will be in 14 with true translations, as serves clients around the world. As the book covers, this was also a collaborative design process …

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GRI – Book Covers

There will be three books. The final one is still being written. These are the final covers for the first two from Frederic Lucas-Cornwell. Lead Beyond Intuition is for CEOs and corporate leaders. Discover the Best in You is for individuals wanting to discover the skills and talents they have to offer a company, team …

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Checklist to get more people listening & subscribing to your podcast

subscribe where you listen

Yes, there are tons of articles on this. But there are some basic steps that a lot of newer hosts miss, which cuts into their subscriptions AND replays. The key is to test it as an outsider or get someone to do it for you. FILL IN ALL THE BLANKS . This includes your podcast …

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Accessibility Formatting Tips for Experience Word Users.

Selecting the right template in Power Point and Word can help ensure accessibility.

Most of us have been using Word and Powerpoint longer than smartphones have existed. It doesn’t mean we are using it logically and with readability in mind. This accessibility tips post will remind you of what’s already in place and give you suggestions on how to personalize the ready-made templates better to ensure your branding …

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Analytics, tracking & HTTPS reminders

If you have recently updated your website to include an SSL certificate so your site is now https:// you need to verify a few more things so you don’t lose valuable tracking information. This previous post about an https transition covers more. Update domain to ensure that if anyone goes to your site without https:// …

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Your audience could have a disability – can they read your website?

Currently I’m taking a course offered by to get certified in creating and editing electronic documents for ADA level 2 compliance or more. After only one module completed, I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in having their materials understood by 100% of the potential audience, rather than only 75%. I’ll be writing …

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A short list to clean out your well-established website, aka long-in-the-tooth

Is it time to clean out your site?

Today I’m working on my own site. It has been years since I first started it and a few years since I updated the theme. I recently did that and now have to go through the cleanout process. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a short list of what you should do …

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Quick Checklist for Starting a Consulting Business

being brave starting your own consulting firm

In this time of being fluid, flexible and adaptable, many former managers, CMOs, CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents of this and that are ready to take the step to become an independent consultant to be able to work with many clients in a variety of settings. It’s so exciting! I’ve helped several people make this transition …

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20 Women Business Leaders

20 women to watch - Erika Goldwater

This is a rebranding of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. It was time to change the focus, graphics and more. Site update went along with this. Simple blog, but the graphics are used in badges, certificates and more. We also use them for the nominees and winners to promote through social media.