A short list to clean out your well-established website, aka long-in-the-tooth

Is it time to clean out your site?

Today I’m working on my own site. It has been years since I first started it and a few years since I updated the theme. I recently did that and now have to go through the cleanout process. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a short list of what you should do …

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Quick Checklist for Starting a Consulting Business

being brave starting your own consulting firm

In this time of being fluid, flexible and adaptable, many former managers, CMOs, CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents of this and that are ready to take the step to become an independent consultant to be able to work with many clients in a variety of settings. It’s so exciting! I’ve helped several people make this transition …

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20 Women Business Leaders

20 women to watch - Erika Goldwater

This is a rebranding of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. It was time to change the focus, graphics and more. Site update went along with this. Simple blog, but the graphics are used in badges, certificates and more. We also use them for the nominees and winners to promote through social media.

Important but simple tasks for website performance

important checklist for your website to help with rankings - you can do some if not all of this!

Ah, the love hate relationship with WordPress, hosting, security and efficiency. Some assumptions are made here: 1. Your website looks great and is responsive on mobile. 2. You have an SSL certificate with auto renew on all sites and subdomains. 3. You have someone keeping your plugins and themes up-to-date and reviewing them quarterly to …

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You don’t have to be a great writer to create regular posts.

How many hats can you wear?

Many sites lack regular content because of priorities, lack of support staff, no thoughts for relevant topics and other excuses. I’m letting you off the hook now. You don’t have to wear all the hats at your company. You only need to be able to enlist someone to help you review, flesh out and expand …

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Ideas to Keep Your Trade Show Booth from Being BORING

Ideas to keep your trade show booth from being boring.

Is Your Exhibit Booth Boring – answer – YES IT IS. Enjoy these exhibit booth and trade show ideas from a recording I did with Lany Sullivan. It’s all about being a memorable destination at the event. People should HAVE TO get to your booth! Let me paint a picture and you tell me if …

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Check your statements for random small charges.

Banks protect you against fraudulent charges, but you need to watch THEIR random charges, too. I have a bookkeeper, this is good. But that doesn’t mean I can forget about reviewing my accounts and regular charges. I bank with Chase. They call regularly for fraud protection issues. I’m glad. BUT, for the past few months, …

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Thrive on Stress and Deadlines – The Voice of Bold Business

Thank you, Jessica Dewell for having me on to talk with Howard about stress and how much power to give it – or not at all. I hope you all enjoy this episode.
Society tends to attach the word, “thrive” to stress and deadlines. This can be a difficult idea to accomplish and may even add unnecessary pressure. The Voice of Bold Business tells us we don’t actually have to conform to this norm, at least not in the way it “should” be.
There are various ways to perceive stress and the first step is to sit down, take the time to realize our real priorities, and set the tone of each day, week, month, and ultimately, life. Each moment can throw its own setbacks… Factor in external pressures such as family obligations, work tasks that keep us on track for the next promotion, and our own personal goals and we’ve got ourselves in a rising sea of tension, anxiety and hassle.
It is so important to set aside time to actively work on emotional management and setting intentions for our own structures and routines and we cover exactly how to get you back on track in this Radio Program with Jessica Dewell, Susan Finch and Howard Strauber.
This episode will help you understand the benefits and harms of stress, how to define your real priorities, the power of letting go, time management, morning routines, how to enhance your communication skills to your benefit, how to handle the urge to give up and much much more.
Get the full episode here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i83BkLfibgI&feature=youtu.be