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Thrive on Stress and Deadlines – The Voice of Bold Business

Thank you, Jessica Dewell for having me on to talk with Howard about stress and how much power to give it – or not at all. I hope you all enjoy this episode.
Society tends to attach the word, “thrive” to stress and deadlines. This can be a difficult idea to accomplish and may even add unnecessary pressure. The Voice of Bold Business tells us we don’t actually have to conform to this norm, at least not in the way it “should” be.
There are various ways to perceive stress and the first step is to sit down, take the time to realize our real priorities, and set the tone of each day, week, month, and ultimately, life. Each moment can throw its own setbacks… Factor in external pressures such as family obligations, work tasks that keep us on track for the next promotion, and our own personal goals and we’ve got ourselves in a rising sea of tension, anxiety and hassle.
It is so important to set aside time to actively work on emotional management and setting intentions for our own structures and routines and we cover exactly how to get you back on track in this Radio Program with Jessica Dewell, Susan Finch and Howard Strauber.
This episode will help you understand the benefits and harms of stress, how to define your real priorities, the power of letting go, time management, morning routines, how to enhance your communication skills to your benefit, how to handle the urge to give up and much much more.
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All things passwords

This PICNIC episode welcomes Joy Beland, President at Pink Hat Technology Management. Here, she will discuss: • How to create and remember a strong password? • How Password management software can store our passwords in an encrypted format for us on every device? • How to monitor whether your password have been stolen and are …

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Be cautious whom you give admin rights to

Who has admin rights for your business on Google? If your mail runs through your Google Business and they have access, did you know they can set it up that all email accounts in your business can send a copy of back and forth conversations to any email address of their choosing? It’s deep in …

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The unexpected grabs their attention.

When we are contacting the same people, appearing at the same events, posting to the same venues, we need to shake it up – do something UNEXPECTED. This makes us memorable, relate-able and shareable. Recently a friend’s dad died. He’s been posting lessons from his dad on LinkedIn. I already have a few in my …

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You have multiple locations, but are they REAL locations?

Google wants to know if they are legitimate locations with a door and all. This past month I’ve been going through a location verification process with a client for 26 offices. We want to make sure that he appears correctly in all directories with a local, VERIFIED location. You would think this would be easy. …

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9 Tips: Local exposure can build a loyal client base.

Perry Properties Group Full page ad

How many opportunities are there for you to expose your company, products and services to a local audience? Think about all of the schools, local theaters and more that would greatly benefit from a small contribution through a display ad in their programs, on their websites and more? If it’s a seasonal sport and the …

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When “Save as” is a BAD idea

The FOIBLES of “save-as”. We highly recommend using a MASTER TEMPLATE for your “content worth repeating” for newsletters, emails, proposals, videos, to help avoid mixed up links, double tracking, embarrassing moments and costly sloppiness: If you use MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response or other email marketing and CRM tools, be sure to keep one or …

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Are crutch words losing your audience?

Crutch words can kill your message and bore your audience.

When I hear people say them, I cringe. 95% of the time they are not necessary and serve as fill, lazy transitions, and crutches. I find myself visually seeing their words over their heads and putting a red line through what they are saying to drill down to the necessary words. It’s typically about half …

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