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You Don’t Have to Bake Cupcakes If You Don’t Want To

Senior year of high school, we all were asked to take aptitude tests, to show us what kind of career would be a good fit for our strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the teacher started off the assignment by saying “this is just an online test, it doesn’t mean you can or can’t have your …

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You can share it, but can they read it?

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Sharing helpful articles we find allows us to be a valued resource. It invites engagement on social media, builds community, takes a pulse, except when we can’t read the link that our connection’s post is attempting to open. “Subscription required to view this article.” We don’t realize how many sites we have memberships to, pubs …

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Zoom, Meet, WebX and your options to simply talk.

are you experiencing zoom hangovers?

Years ago I spent a couple of hours a day on Google HANGOUTS. This was a friendly way to have several people in on a video chat, share screens, create interactive events, even incorporate it EASILY into YouTube. Now we can do this – record, schedule public and private events, and stream through Meet. We …

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Your Complete Guide to Planning a Neighborhood Parade

Neighborhood parade sign

We live in a “Leave it to Beaver” type of neighborhood. People have lived here for over 40 years, and the next generations have taken over the parents’ homes so new families are continually moving in. We have relatively flat streets and nice, albeit bumpy, sidewalks. Perfect for a parade. I have done enough event …

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5 Must Do’s Before You Turn on the Microphone

5 must dos before you turn on the podcast microphone

Heck, these are five must do’s before you BUY a microphone! Decide WHY you are doing a podcast – the real goal. Truly, what is the goal? You have to be gut-wrenchingly honest. “It’s to stroke the ego of my client. It’s to get them off my back. It’s to increase their exposure. It’s to …

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Analytics, tracking & HTTPS reminders

If you have recently updated your website to include an SSL certificate so your site is now https:// you need to verify a few more things so you don’t lose valuable tracking information. This previous post about an https transition covers more. Update domain to ensure that if anyone goes to your site without https:// …

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