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How Fear Can Affect Your Team’s Success

Coaching or evaluating and how it affects performance.

We all want to perform well in front of those who matter to us, including our sales managers, team leaders, the president of the company, our clients, our family. But, when those who are in a position to lead or coach us slip to an evaluation mode, the effects can be detrimental to the outcome. …

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The unexpected grabs their attention.

When we are contacting the same people, appearing at the same events, posting to the same venues, we need to shake it up – do something UNEXPECTED. This makes us memorable, relate-able and shareable. Recently a friend’s dad died. He’s been posting lessons from his dad on LinkedIn. I already have a few in my …

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Days of Ultron and My Own Iron Man

The excitement in our house is building. We won’t make it tonight, but we will see Days of Ultron as a family tomorrow. This is a rarer event lately as we have a teen who usually prefers to see movies like this with her pals. This is different. This is Marvel. Marvel movies, with the …

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Business Relationships through Video Workshop

It’s not enough to just be online today. To join the movement of online face-to-face marketing, presentations and introductions, you must be prepared to present yourself, your company and your brand! This is where Luke Adams and Susan Finch come in. Luke Adams has over 15 years experience walking clients through the process of effective …

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Answering the question of achieving balance.

Recently a media query came through my email from someone working on a story of how Hispanic business owners manage being an entrepreneur and parenthood. This gave me time to reflect on my family, their support and how they understand it isn’t just my business, it’s OUR business to support OUR family. That’s the bottom …

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Are Tradeshows and Conferences Dying?

The tradeshow and conference will not die – at least not for a decade or two, but they are being rethought into a more effective virtual environment. This is not a webinar – I’m talking about virtual tradeshow booths, virtual conferences to increase your reach, attendance and evergreen content effectiveness. Increasing your authority, reach and …

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Should your content be repurposed? Perhaps.

This was a panel discussion on “Those4Girls” weekly show. I was invited as a content and marketing expert to talk about Re-inventing & Re-purposing Your Content.. 

> Where do I start?
> What’s the benefit of re-inventing or re-purposing?
> How do I create Evergreen content and what exactly is it?
> What are the best resources/tools for re-purposing?

[slogan]”Even likes and plus ones can be manipulated. Some people trade likes and plusses to make it appear like their mediocre content is actually great.”
+Nicholas Cardot[/slogan]

[slogan]”+Susan Finch just won the internet with her comment about content quotas!”
 – +Lance Fields[/slogan]

This show ran an hour. Some nuggets are included in this post on Google+

  • Focus on the strategy not the tactic.
  • Hire a professional to help you EDIT when you need additional eyes and opinions
  • Decide the goal of your content
  • Don’t be on a blogging quota – wait until you have something to say.
  • Take advantage of inexpensive or free production tools such as Adobe’s Cloud Services

+Jason T. Wiser  – is the host of “Get on Track, Stay on Track” helping your small business one expert at a time. You can catch his program on his blog at and look for the BIG red button, or listen to the podcast on iTunes, just search for On Track Tips.
He is the owner and lead developer at Webination Station specializing in Custom WordPress development, WooCommerce, and Site performance and speed. 
Later this year he is hosting the Reinventing Repurposing conference to help small business owners learn how to scale their business beyond themselves by leveraging re-purposed content. 

+Shannon Hernandez  – is a former high school English teacher turned full-time radio personality. He has worked at Phoenix, Arizona rock radio station 98 KUPD for 14 years as the night personality. Within the past 2 years, Shannon has simultaneously transitioned to digital marketing online with an emphasis on Google+ training and Podcast Production training.  He currently produces his sister’s podcast, the Family Law Insider every week.  
If you want to get to know Shannon a lot more you can subscribe to his weekly newsletter and visit his website at

+Irene Brodie / +DigiDesk  – I provide post production media services and hosting for clients running Google Hangouts on Air. I also produce video trailers, intros. and video newsletters etc.  I’m pretty passionate about both video editing and Google Hangout technology; though hate to be “on camera”.
Offline, I try and lead quite a simple life, enjoying the company of local friends and family, and my BIG PASSION, in this stage of my life, are my two beautiful step-grandsons.

+Susan Finch  – My background is primarily in PR/Marketing & Advertising. I’ve been in it since 1985. I have taken a couple of detours: I had an antique business BEFORE eBay – ahhh, those were the days for pickers to drive, discover, procure, and resell. The HUNT for the TREASURES. Jumped out of that, back into marketing and then another detour into retail. I had a fine art gallery in Laguna Beach from 1992-1996. Enough retail and I dove back into PR which led me to the Internet, website design, marketing and tying it all together. Content, beautiful content, thoughtful writing and images. I was home. 


Comment highlights include:

+Carmen Rojas Can’t count on +1s as your barometer of good content. Need to do the scary thing and check the ripple effect – whether on G+, Analytics – at least until you establish a pattern of what people are reading and sharing of your content. I’m sure +Jason T. Wiser has detailed training on this type of analysis. Comments are a better gauge as are reshares. ENGAGEMENT.

+Tim Longwell Great advice. We can get so immeshed in our own messages we forget who the true audience is. Try to keep the ego out. Question our priest asked as we were planning our wedding, “There is no wrong answer here, but are you the honored guests or the hosts?” In this case there is a wrong answer. You are building yourself as a valuable resource, trusted advisor, etc. If you don’t remember you are of service to others, you are no value to them, either. 

+Shannon Hernandez E-book from content is such a great way to “repurpose your content” – also great for lead capture – maybe be more purposeful in blog content with that in mind. Great advice!

+Lany Sullivan and +Barb Jasper and +Irene Brodie and +Yvonne Heimann !!!! Great show!Here’s the thing: This is not my direction per se BUT I was really into this show. The presentation was spot on, there was banter and debate and information! Frankly, I was riveted and will be applying aspects of what I learned here to my everyday life and that is how I will be repurposing all the content I gathered today!Thank you all! Well done!

+Jason T. Wiser Love that “repurpose with a purpose” “how is this connected to the other piece I am re-purposing” “don’t forget that Twitter will always be there – link there”

Thanks for great tips, everyone!
As for me, I first have to CREATE some content in order to be able to repurpose it, so it will be a while before I can implement any of this (I just started my drive through the plains, Jason). It was good to to hear all of this though, because I will now be thinking differently when I create original content. I will think about possible future uses at the same time as I think about what I want to accomplish with that particular piece of content at that very moment.

Wow – that was an evergreen one, if ever there was …

I use a free photoshop-like software called GIMP. Works great and it’s free! 

I want to be just like her, or do I?

There are different interpretations of the words mentor and coach. Sometimes it seems the words are used when a more accurate word or phrase is, “aspire to,” “in awe of,” “greatly admire.” Mentors spend time with you – coaching. Coaches charge you for their mentoring – at least that’s the simplest way I can define …

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5 Mistakes Women Make in Communication – An interview with Lea McLeod

Lea McLeod, MA and founder of The Job Success Lab will be going through these 5 – what should be OBVIOUS items that get in the way of success in business for women.

She fully admits at a family reunion, she’s hanging with the guys and that she has modeled a lot of her business practices after positive male influences. What she didn’t understand at first is that these 5 communication snafus are not as obvious to women. She decided it was time to have some conversations about this.

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