Susan Finch on Susan Finch – Google Yourself and see what comes up.

Susan Finch, as I've found, is not a totally unique name. I love my name, it's easy to spell. I don't have a difficult time on the phone, "Susan Finch – Finch like the bird." Simple. But there are several…

Twists, turns and bamboozled in LinkedIn

As more people attend webinars of "How to Turn LinkedIn Into Your Goldmine of Prospects," or some other ballyhoo similar topic the groups have shifted severely. Up until about a year ago I would freely participate in many seemingly innocent questions posted to the "group" for the "group" to chime in on with their experiences, advice, etc. In the last year, 90% of these questions were loaded, posted by a lot of "life coaches."

Honoring My Public Relations Mentors

Today I honor my two Public Relations mentors, Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco and Greg Smith of Commpro. The day flies as I whirl between working on DNS servers, cleaning up code, creating new pages and writing up scopes for software. I forget from time to time what I'm really good at - Community Public Relations. I don't mean PR for communities, I mean PR at the local level - where small businesses live.