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Mobile browsers are a bit pickier – select your target for links.

Some sites take care of this by creating a default target for your links. Depending on your system: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, straight HTML – your EDITOR may automatically put in a target for any link you make within your content. BUT, it may not. By default in most desktop browsers, it will open in the …

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Even adults love getting gold stars.

Recently as I was posting the winners to the Sales Lead Management Association’s annual event, “50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management for 2012” it was brought to my attention that I had missed adding “gold stars” to a few people to show that they had won in previous years.  The stars were important to them. …

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Are you bogged down with fru-fru, fancy plugins and features?

I can't help myself.  I'm decluttering a website, finding neglected areas, sloppy code and cleaning it up. It will sparkle when I'm done and very few people other than those with slow computer and search engines will notice the difference, but it will run more efficiently, have correct dates on posts for the spiders to …

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Don’t be so lazy! Take the time for unique social media updates.

With so many helpful apps out there, it's difficult to resist the temptation to go for the easy, automated route to social media posts. R E S I S T – you'll be glad you did.  Yes, there are some times that you need to automate updates to stay on top of social media demands, …

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Who is the real online personality of your company?

Recommended Video Barbara Corcoran's 8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs She is one of my all-time favorite speakers. Reading a terrific article by Hollis Thomases of Web Ad.vantage and giggling a bit because it is so obvious this is the trend: hire 18-23 year olds to put the social media face on your company out to the …

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Contact you, but who are you? List your key team members.

A lot can be learned about a company by how they present their key team members, or if they present them on their website at all. Whether it is a “leadership” page such as this one on the NRBA‘s website or an extensive about us page with their mission, team members and partners easily accessible such as Leads360‘s page. Where it gets dicey and you are left wondering how much experience the leaders of this company have or who they are, how large is when there is no About Us, no Partners Page, nothing to give credibility as to why you should trust the humans behind the company. Something like this site – perhaps it’s alluding me, but I cannot find any name of a human on the site. No history. I would not trust this company – they are too elusive about who is involved. If all team members are in witness protection, then I can understand the need to withhold information such as names, ranks and serial numbers.

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Susan Finch on Susan Finch – Google Yourself and see what comes up.

Susan Finch, as I've found, is not a totally unique name. I love my name, it's easy to spell. I don't have a difficult time on the phone, "Susan Finch – Finch like the bird." Simple. But there are several of us out there that are very active online. Susan E Finch has become an …

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I think that’s you, but I can’t tell by your faceless avatar.

Forgive me for not introducing you to my friends below.  I can't keep their names and businesses straight. People want to CONNECT with HUMANS with FACES. They want to be confident they are connecting with the correct person they met at a business function, charity dinner, convention, seminar or at the home office.




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Domains Should Be Registered in the Client’s Name

There are no ethical exceptions to this rule. If you have a client, they request a domain, take the time to create a domain registration account for them and put it in their name. Webmasters should be the techinical contact. Admin, owner and billing should all be the client.

I am transferring two domains today. WhoIs reveals that the existing hosting company, owns my client’s domain. They won’t balk at the transfer, but it should have never been set up that way.

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Who Owns Your List of Followers and Fans?

Many companies are spread thin, especially small businesses, when it comes to maintaining and setting up social media venues such as Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages and the like.  Everyone wants to pitch in and help. Or do they? Many times our employees are well-intentioned when they take the initiative to set these accounts up with their email as the contact because it's easier, etc.  I'm warning you – set up company policies regarding the use of the company name, tagline, logo, lists as soon as possible. It's difficult to go back and gain "custody" after a messy divorce.

Social Media Venues
If an employee sets up a Twitter account for your company using their email address, and then proceeds to represent the company with their tweets and efforts, this is no longer THEIR Twitter account.  People follow with the assumption they are following the company or product. If a list of followers is gained, then the staff person is fired or leaves the company, they can simply change their Twitter username and retain the list of followers. It's similar to stealing a company client list or mailing list of customers.  Don't think that some people won't intentionally do this to gain a big list of YOUR customers and fans with the plan to leave and bring the list with them.

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The importance of a good headshot

There are instances when you may be invited to speak at an event, participate on a panel, guest author an article or get promoted.  These events have one thing in common; they all require a good headshot of you.  A headshot is a photo, not an avatar or cartoon but a photograph of yourself from the shoulders up dressed professionally.*

If you have ever been asked to speak and don't have a high resolution headshot to provide, it is almost guaranteed that the people posting the information will turn to the popular online photo resource, "GOOGLE," to find what photos they can of you. It may not even be you, it may of you dancing on tables.  Go to Google and type in your name if you don't believe me. Then, click on the "images" category in the left of the results.  Any of these could be used for your headshot if you don't provide one. Not pretty, huh?

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Twists, turns and bamboozled in LinkedIn

As more people attend webinars of “How to Turn LinkedIn Into Your Goldmine of Prospects,” or some other ballyhoo similar topic the groups have shifted severely. Up until about a year ago I would freely participate in many seemingly innocent questions posted to the “group” for the “group” to chime in on with their experiences, advice, etc. In the last year, 90% of these questions were loaded, posted by a lot of “life coaches.”

Honoring My Public Relations Mentors

The day flies as I whirl between working on DNS servers, cleaning up code, creating new pages, new designs and writing up scopes for software.  I forget from time to time what I'm really good at – Community Public Relations.  I don't mean PR for communities, I mean PR at the local level – where small businesses live.

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