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Memories of Dick

Just because you haven’t seen or talked to a friend for 20 years, doesn’t mean they stop being your friend. Dick was a wonderful friend who made me laugh, accepted me, taught me and opened his life to us. I was close to him and his wife, Loretta. My ex-husband and I were going through …

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Sad to say goodbye to the City of Brea.

Some clients are just clients. Some get to know you, your family, you take their businesses to heart – even when it is a city. The City of Brea has been a client of Commpro’s and mine since 2000. That’s a long run. We are parting ways due to expanding needs of the city, citizens …

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Sales Lead Management Association Starts ‘Women in Sales & Marketing’ Radio Segment

January 22, 2013 – – James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced today that the association is devoting part of its successful SLMA internet radio programming to business women in sales and marketing.

“Since SLMA Radio’s introduction in July of 2010,” Obermayer said, “we have had 135 CEO, CSO and CMO interviews. Programming of late has also had many subject-oriented programs that are “How-To’s.” Now we are dedicating broadcast time to women in sales and marketing because women make up the vast majority of the marketing positions in B2B and B2C companies.”

What is the goal of your achievement?

That headline may sound awkward, but think about it. Are you trying to achieve something just to get the recognition, award, people patting you on the back saying, "There's the guy that did that thing!"? Or is it more than that. Is the ultimate achievement satisfying yourself that you took on the challenge, met it and surpassed expectations?

The latter sinks in a whole lot deeper. I find my most successful and sincerely happy clients are the ones who can put ego aside on their journey to growth and success. They gain both financial in inner success by answering noble motivations: the good of the company, the person they are quietly helping, the contractors they hire that contribute to their successes.

I'm sure many powerful company leaders don't agree with this. They need everyone to recognize their perceived greatness to justify the means they achieve it. As I reflect on Julia Child's 100th birthday celebration and her quotes and philosophies I'm reminded that I like where I am. I get excited working for my clients to help them achieve their goals – not to make me look good, but to have a part in their success knowing I helped.

It's also my parent's anniversary. I'm reminded of their 40th in 1989 where my dad insisted that only our immediate family and grandchildren attend their luau party. He didn't need a lot of people telling him, "Good job" for sticking in a marriage for 40 years or giving them more "things" for their house. He wanted to celebrate the results of that marriage – his children and their children. I respected his wish, even though my sisters-in-law were not happy because they wanted their families included, as we have all been one family for many years. It was tough to stand firm, but not really. He asked so little of me, I did it gladly and with relish. His motives were pure. I also think he knew the end was near and wanted to leave others with the picture of a more robust man.

The next morning, my father and mother went to his favorite golf course, Dad Miller in Long Beach, for breakfast. Looking out on the course with his Denver omelet in front of him, he sold my mom, "Jo, I'm going…" he slipped down and died of a heart attack before they could call for help. I was invited to that breakfast – just me. I declined – don't know why, but I did. I remember how frail he looked the night before, but how happy to be with his family – the family he and my mom created. I have no regrets. I helped him get his last request – other than the waitress who brought him the Denver omelet.

Today a new client was added to my client family.  He's local, getting married and having his reception at the event venue owned by another neighbor.  I love small world. He told me he Googled "web developer beaverton" and I was a top result. He read through my biography, experience and decided that he was happy to work with me because I have learned enough along the way. He's happy to pay my rates to benefit from my experience.

I truly appreciate a client, or anyone who values experience as a large asset when deciding whom to do business with.

Thank you, Matt Williams, owner of Straight Line Design and Remodeling! I am excited to help you create and launch your online presence.

My Dad, My Early Mentor and Inspiration

Golf004 I began my career in graphic design when I was 12 years old – because of golf. My dad was the tournament chairman for the Los Alamitos Men's Golf Club. It was his religion, his second family. I would watch him late into the night lovingly hand-lettering posters for each tournament with all of the headlines and rules neatly written. This was before computers, so you either hand-painted or drew letters, or you purchased rub-off letters to burnish into place. He would measure, rough it out in pencil and do his final in Marks-A-Lot. The entire family room had that thick marker smell at tournament time. He would accent the posters with his colorful illustrations of turkeys for the Turkey Shoot, rifles for Shotgun Starts and other "clever" golf graphics. I was his apprentice, watching, learning and being so proud of how talented my dad was (and being proud of his dedication to the project).
Lesson learned: be dedicated to any project with your name attached.

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