There are template authors and there are ELITE authors: Jonathan Atkinson

Since the PSD files were provided, it was simple to keep the same look by creating my own banners and graphics based on the source files. I've spent a lot of time creating templates and designs from scratch for WordPress, html and other CMS systems. I also spend a lot of time searching and purchasing templates for clients. Sometimes what we need is already created and only needs some tweaks to be ideal.  The key to choosing a perfect WordPress template to buy is the designer/author of the template.

Jonathan Atkinson is one of the great ones. He's respectful, talented, thorough and VERY responsive.  I purchased a template from him a c ouple of days ago. I didn't need to contact him until today about a widget issue I was having. Within MINUTES he responded and within an hour all was well and resolved.  The documentation he creates for his templates blows every designer I've worked with out of the water!  Easy to follow, complete and beautifully laid out.  He is a true professional.

Check out his portfolio here  Guarantee, I'll check his templates first before I broaden my search.  The support is huge, the skill and documentation are equally important.


Who is the real online personality of your company?

Recommended Video Barbara Corcoran's 8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs She is one of my all-time favorite speakers. Reading a terrific article by Hollis Thomases of Web Ad.vantage and giggling a bit because it is so obvious this is the trend: hire 18-23 year olds to put the social media face on your company out to the …

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Networking Advice by Hank Blank, Networking Guru and Respected Professional

Hank Blank is one of those people that when you read his writing, you are drawn into to an interesting, sincere, and affable man.  You WANT to know him, call him a colleague, mentor, and friend.  But he doesn't take those classifications lightly.  He's a true networker and teaches about networking through articles, speaking engagements …

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Do you really need to abbreviate it?

2 percent or whole milk

As I was creating posts for a client and gathering property information, it was glaring how many Realtors find it necessary to abbreviate the silliest things. Did you know they abbreviate the word "wood" with "wd.?" That's ONE character they have saved because they used the period. Same with "ba." for "bath."  What about "rms." …

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Before launching a press release with call to action, make sure you are ready.

While posting a press release for a client to share news received from a company, I decided to actually read the entire press release, follow the 'call to action' and click on the page linked from the company webpage that talked about this new service.  I was intrigued. From Silverpop's home page I went to …

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Quick Checklist for an Online Meeting: You are the host.

Virtual visitors are coming, is your electronic office clean? Online meetings through GoToMeeting, Skype, TeamViewer and the like are convnient. We record training classes, webinars and share our desktops to quickly explain a concept or to share later and post to our sites. Are you ready when visitors are coming?  Is your desktop full of …

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Tech Break once a week is healthy for you and your business.

The world won't end, your business won't crumble. You may even enjoy more success by taking a tech break once a week.  

Take a break from tech

We have screens at our desks, in our cars, on our phones and the future holds screens in our eyeglasses.  We have come to rely on  tech for all quick answers, to help us decide whether we go outside, stay in, see a movie, when to eat, where, and that all important "status update" and those "check-ins."  It has become our binky, our pacifier, wooby – whatever your term for constant comforter. 

If we don't take breaks to recharge and reconnect with living things that are right in front of us or outside our door, we will lose touch, our edge our balance.  Take a break. 

I issue a challenge:  Mark the date with a reminder for the day before in your tasks, calendars. Write the event in such a way that you look forward to this new freedom each week.  Try this:

"Sunday, May 6 – All Day Event!


Garden, read a book, paint, create, visit, shop, hike, walk, cook
Pick up to three for the day.
Only tech permitted: GPS and camera so you can post the next day and tell what you did THE DAY BEFORE. " 

See, no one will fault you for having so much fun you didn't share while in progress. When we are so busy sharing in progress, we aren't really present enjoying the actual event.  

I work from home and am the main income-earner in the family.  I could continue to work every day and let the family enjoy outside, hiking, biking and creating without me.  But, what income is worth that price?  How can I be of value to my family if I'm never present for them?  Even if I were single, I'd rather spend one day volunteering, imersing myself in nature or hanging out with friends to recharge my heart for the week to come. Inspiration comes from getting outside and experiencing a variety of venues and situations. You can't experience life by reading about it online.

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Careful not to “over-widget” in WordPress

Careful not to add too many widgets to your WordPress site.

  We are all embracing how easy WordPress is to use, set up and enhance through plugins.  A word of caution, actually a few words, "Don't over-widget."  By adding many plugins to the same WP installation, you not only slow your site down substantially, you risk conflict with overlapping calls to JavaScript, such as mootools.js.  …

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Web Developers: Be up front with your clients if there are limitations to access

Each week I run across at least three clients or potential clients who are frustrated because they want to make changes to their websites, templates and other areas of their online presence; but their current web solutions provider will not give them the access to make the changes. They retain control and thus deem themselves necessary and irreplaceable. This is a falacy. This is paranoia.

There’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon that comes to mind. A hound dog is trying to catch the rabbit. He reaches through a tree trunk and Bugs tricks him by putting a tomato in his hand. The dog pulls it out and holds on so tightly to his prize he crushes it, and tomato seeps through his hand. The dog can only wail, “I Cruuushed him!…

Forcing your control over your clients by withholding access or information is a fast path to losing a client or killing an account. You will lose their trust. No amount of “flowers” brought to the grave of a killed account can bring back the trust.

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Susan Finch on Susan Finch – Google Yourself and see what comes up.

Susan Finch, as I've found, is not a totally unique name. I love my name, it's easy to spell. I don't have a difficult time on the phone, "Susan Finch – Finch like the bird." Simple. But there are several of us out there that are very active online. Susan E Finch has become an …

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