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How to help tech support help you quicker.

For those of you who have to regularly or even periodically contact tech or IT support via email, there are some ways you can help them solve your issues quickly and with fewer back and forth emails.

It’s similar to walking into a restaurant hungry.  Ordering: “I’d like lunch today.” When actually you were interested in the daily vegan specials that were gluten free due to your intolerance, and you’d like a vegan beer to go with it.

Do you go into Starbucks and ever order “1 coffee” without being bombarded with at least three questions in rapid succession?

Until someone launches the “ReadMyMindApp,” we support people are stuck asking you the questions to get in your heads the old-fashioned way without assumptions.

This may seem like a lot of detail, but try this – they’ll thank you and help you quicker:

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Accessibility Formatting Tips for Experience Word Users.

Selecting the right template in Power Point and Word can help ensure accessibility.

Most of us have been using Word and Powerpoint longer than smartphones have existed. It doesn’t mean we are using it logically and with readability in mind. This accessibility tips post will remind you of what’s already in place and give you suggestions on how to personalize the ready-made templates better to ensure your branding …

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Your audience could have a disability – can they read your website?

Currently I’m taking a course offered by to get certified in creating and editing electronic documents for ADA level 2 compliance or more. After only one module completed, I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in having their materials understood by 100% of the potential audience, rather than only 75%. I’ll be writing …

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Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Event

5 ways to monetize your event

When you decide to add events as a revenue stream into your business the normal thought process is to focus on ticket sales to make money. Although this is extremely important as that is your indicator for 1) How many people are attending your event and 2) Where you need to adjust your marketing efforts …

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Create a Succession Plan

Silver Tsunami Ahead: Create a Succession Plan – Here’s a little excerpt from Exit Power Strategies. An article that ran in the Washington Post on May 9, 2017 discussed the “Silver Tsunami” once again. An excerpt that really struck me reads, “According to Project Equity, many small business owners do not have succession plans–and because …

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Test Your Subscriber’s Journey

Test the subscriber's journey.

Those of you with websites and links to contact: link to a FORM, not just an email. If they are on your site, don’t distract them by sending them to their email service to contact you. They will get distracted. AND on phones, it means opening a different app. Just give them a simple form …

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Employment Interview Tips to Land That Job!

I hope you enjoy this video: Employment Interview Tips to Land That Job! Helping out at the local high school today with Mock Interviews. It’s a requirement for Juniors and Seniors. I asked my friends for their top tips and here they are. Best of luck if you are interviewing for the first time or …

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